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If you're navigating through discomfort, seeking balance, or aiming for wellness, you're not alone. At North Country Gentle Acupuncture, I'm here to guide you on your journey towards relief and well-being. With a gentle touch and personalized care, let's embark on a path to healing together.

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Pain Management

Experience relief from chronic and acute pain, naturally.

Stress Reduction

Find your inner calm and reduce anxiety.

Improved Sleep

Enjoy deeper, more restorative sleep every night.

Seeking relief and balance?

Discover the path to wellbeing with gentle acupuncture.

At North Country Gentle Acupuncture, I combine centuries-old wisdom with a personalized touch, ensuring your journey to health feels supported and understood. With years of experience, I tailor every session to your unique needs, aiming to unlock your body's natural healing potential. Choosing this clinic means opting for care that listens, understands, and guides you toward lasting relief.

Meet Mary Bardis

Your Guide to Gentle Healing

With over two decades in nursing and a rich background in Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine, Mary Bardis brings a holistic approach to healing at North Country Gentle Acupuncture. She tailors treatments to each individual, blending tradition with innovation to foster health and harmony.

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Book Your Evaluation

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Personalized Care Awaits

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Begin Your Healing Journey

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